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Torsten Schilling.



Natural Born Golfers

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In 1992 Torsten Schilling established Natural Born Golfers
and invented a new sport: Crossgolf / Urban Golf!

This turned the image of golf upside down, throwing this conservative, elitist sport into urban reality

and setting new standards with the Rock ‘n’ Hole philosophy.

Step by step a private hobby turned into a global community.
Nowadays the Natural Born Golfers community counts 150,000 people – world-wide!
For many years crossgolf is no longer a German phenomenon only, besides the German headquarters,

you can find Natural Born Golfers departments in Paris, Warsaw, Miami, San Francisco and Shanghai.


StageBrothers are Berlin based conceptual Photographers.

Manuel Reinartz, Marc Brinkmeier and Nik Schäffler are specialist
in portrait and commercial photography. Their work is focused on
people in their living and working environments and communicates an
atmosphere with an honest and very authentic approach.

StageBrothers have passion and are getting inspired by the imagery of a theatre stage.

Kontakt Berlin:
StageBrothers’ Inn, Eisenbahnstr. 12, 10997 Berlin

Marc Brinkmeier +49 172 316 14 98

Manuel Reinartz +49 172 384 90 55

Kontakt München:
Marsstr. 13, 80335 München

Nikolaus Schäffler +49 172 896 52 01

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